Ryuki Series | CRW-2307057


Berat : 20 gram

Ketersediaan : Tersedia

Rp 65.000


Ryuki Series bracelet

Length    : 17cm

extender :   5cm

A simple bracelet that you can wear for your daily activity combining the Indian agates with carnelian and amazonite, then adding a little piece of fresh water pearl to keep you day shine like a pearl.

Indian Agate : Create a powerfull force for inner harmony

Carnelian : Enchances creativity, bring positive energy.

Amazonite : treat fatigue and trauma

Pearl : Emotional balance


Tulle pouch with corrugated box

we use tulle pouch and corrugated box as our main packaging ussually we use some bubble wrap to secure our product.

this time we will change the bubble wrap into paper in order to be more environmental friendly.

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