Weekend Market Update

25 Agustus 2021


I hope you are doing great guys :)

To be honest we  are about so excited  to meet you again!

But sadly the weekend market still postpone because the covid-19 cases keep increasing since July.

As we received the last notice from the EO if everything is possible...

Wich is mean the covid-19 case decreasing and they are possible to  held the weekend market without any restriction from the goverment
then the weekend market will be held by the end of September 2021.

Hopefully this weekend market can be held guys. 

So if you are wondering where the place I will give you some clue :

it's an open space with so many artisan store near south Tangerang can you guess the place?

let's pray and hope for the best.

I will keep you update if there is any notice about this weekend market :)

See ya!

Stay healty guys, don't forget to wear  your double mask :)

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